So the decision has been made. We will be closing for the summer. The construction has affected traffic, to the point where we think, it makes the most  sense to shut down, and ride out this phase of construction, and then reopen in September. The exact date of reopening is still a bit up in the air, but likley the beginning of Septemeber, when phase two of construction is due to be finished. We don’t make this decsion lightly, and I have a feeling, if Kevin O’Leary had anything to say about it, he’d let us know the error of our ways, but for us, we feel this is the right decision. And just to clarify, we are NOT going of business, this is merely our survival strategy where we feel we can remain the most sane, manage the decreased cash flow best , and be more productive with the doors closed for a few months.

We will be using this time to work on some new ideas for Rumbletum, the biggest being,  working out a breakfast menu. Our goal will be to open earlier, at 8 am, have a small and tasty breakfast menu, continue with our lunch menu and close at 3 or 4 pm. We’ve discussed doing breakfast for a few years already, but having to drive our kids to school daily prevented us from seriously entertaining the idea. Well, the kids have grown, and begun to spread their wings, and gotten licences and all that grown up stuff, so come September, we can finally fulfill the vision we’ve had, without guilt, or too much family disruption. Exciting and a little scary for us.

So, I hope you can understand our decision. We look forward to seeing all of you again soon, and we’ll be excited to show you a new, and improved Rumbletum! Thanks.

The Rumbletum crew.

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Construction update, major decisions to be made! Read on…

Construction continues. The middle section of town, where Rumbletum is located, is essentially finished, YAY! But…now the second phase has begun which includ Continue reading

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NOTICE!!!! Reduced hours , Closing Mondays and Tuesdays

So construction continues. Some good news though. They are ahead of schedule, by close to a month. Also the curbs and sidewalks are going in this week and asphalt is likely to begin next week, so the dust will be gone. But now the bad news. Our customer flow has still been less than we’d hoped. Business is down around 50% overall, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, the numbers are close to 75% down. In light of this, we’ve decided to close down Momdays and Tuesdays for a while. Not sure for how long, but we’ll reevaluate in the coming weeks. At the end of the month they are scheduled to begin phase 2 of construction, which involves closing down the Northfield and Sawmill Rd. intersection for 8 weeks or so. They will also be shutting down the Glasgow St. bridge during that time also, to reduce traffic flow on the bridge. This will be difficult for everyone in town, including us, as there will be no easy access into Conestogo from Waterloo. But please continue to come out! Every person that comes out puts a smile on our face, because we understand it’s not so easy. Also hopefully our reduced hours will not inconvenience you too much. It’s only temporary though I assure you.

So revised hours for now are : WEDNESDAYS – SATURDAY 10-4

Keep checking back for the latest news. Thanks for your continued support.

The Rumbletum team.

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Construction progress update

So construction continues on after some slow days due to all the rain last week. Business for us is down around 40% or so. Not great but could be worse I suppose. Thanks to all who have continued to come out despite the inconvenience. We really do appreciate it.

So, yes you can still get to us, via some minor detours in town, despite the numerous road closed signs all over. They are trying to cut down on all the through traffic, which clogs up the small detours in town, but anyone wanting to get to the businesses in town can do so.

So we remain open presently. We continue to assess the situation, and evaluate our options. There remians the possiblity we may close down for several months, if business continues to decline, but that would be our last resort.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the saga of the Conestogo construction blues………

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New Store Hours! (for now)

We’ve noticed a trend in the customer flow, that has led us to close an hour earlier each day, at least until the end of May, at which point we’ll reassess. So the new store hours are:


If we could, we’d open earlier in the day, but present life circumstances prevent us from doing so.


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Construction continues and Ice Cream coming!!!

So just a little construction update. Yes we are still open our usual hours. This may change, as we may decide to reduce our hours a bit depending on the number of people that come out at various times, and if we notice patterns we’ll adapt.  So far it’s been okay, but there has been a noticable slow down, this last week.

You can still park in our parking lot. If you are coming from Waterloo, we recommend you come the back way from University Ave, then behind RIM park down Glasgow St., then you will come up righ beside Rumbletum, then you can just hang a right and eneter our parking lot. If you are coming from the Bloomingdale direction, you can drive all the way down Sawmill Rd. , right to us. Yes, there are many road closed signs, and the road is a bit bumpy, and right now mud due to the rain, but you can drive on it. If you are stopped by construction crews, if you say where you are going they will let you through. They have had a lot of people ignoring the local traffic only signs, and really slowing things down, but local business traffic is totally allowed.

If you are coming from the Northfield Dr. direction, you can go down Sawmill Rd. toward us, then hang a left just before Sittlers bakery, and down around a small road, then turn right on glasgow to get to us.

So people, it can be done, and we would really appreciate your continued support and patience during this time. As annoying and treacherous as it seems, it really isn’t soooo bad, and at the end of the year hopefully it will be done and then merely a distant, memory.

Also, we are aiming to start our ice cream season a bit earlier this year, so by next Friday, April 28. YAY!!!



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So construction has begun in Conestogo. It’s for our own good and we’ll be pleased with final results I’m told. Hmmmmm. I hope so. I’m pleased to say though, these first few days of construction hasn’t kept many people away. Rumbletum has still been buzzing with activity and the lunch hours are as busy as usual. Thank you! Please keep it up. I will reiterate, all the businesses in Conestogo are open and accessible. There may be minor detours in town, and you may not always be able to park right at or beside Rumbletum, but there is other parking available on some of the side roads and at the Black Forest Inn, which is only half a minute walk from Rumbletum. So despite what all the signs say, Sawmill Rd. is not fully closed and all traffic into town is still accessible, so please keep coming out, we really appreciate it.

Our Easter hours this year are as follows: We will be closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. The Saturday of Easter we will be open as usual 10-5. 

Christ died and rose again for you and I. Worthy of celebration. If you don’t understand the big deal anout Easter, please ask me when you see me at the store , and i would be happy to share what the great news of what Easter is all about.


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RUMBLETUM NEWSFLASH ! Conestogo construction time

As some of you may be aware, there will be major road construction happening in Conestogo affecting the main road through town. This will of course make driving through town a bit of a challenge, however the road through town will remain open to local traffic and businesses. Construction is scheduled to begin in early April, and is expected to go at least until the end of the year.
As a business, in a small town, Rumbletum is very dependant on those outside of town to remain viable, so knowing that traffic will be affected is a definite concern for us. It would mean a lot to us, that despite the hassles it may cause, that you would still consider making the trip out to Rumbletum for lunch, or ice cream, or even just a coffee. We are proposing that some of the construction for you may be avoided by driving through RIM park, and parking on Glasgow street, which is the side road that runs right beside Rumbletum. Just a suggestion if parking becomes a bit scarce on the main road.
Thank you for all your support over the last 13 years and we hope to be around still for a few more, God willing.

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Just a quick note to let you know our altered hours over the holidays and into winter. Here goes:

Dec 24 10-3
Dec 25,26 CLOSED
Dec 27-30 10-5
Dec 31 10-3
Jan 1-23 CLOSED (yay, a little break for us)

Jan 24 to End of Feb. we will be open Tuesdays-Saturday’s 10-4

Thanks and enjoy the Christmas season with family and I encourage you to contemplate Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate on Christmas and what his coming to earth accomplished for all of us.

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For Easter, we will be closed Good Friday, and Easter Monday.
We will be open the Saturday during Easter.

Thank God for his son, Jesus Christ, who died and rose again so that we may have life everlasting.
Happy Easter everyone.

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