Board Game Night

Our 8th open game night at Rumbletum Café is coming up and we want to see you there!

DESCRIPTION: Come out, sit down and have a great time playing some old favourite strategy board games, discover a new one, play with friends, make some new ones, all in a relaxing atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. If you don’t know any board games beyond Monopoly and are wondering what the heck we are doing, come and check it out.

WHEN: Saturday, July 21st @ 7pm until whenever.

WHERE: Rumbletum Café & Gifts. We’re just outside of Waterloo, near the Black Forest Inn. (Go north on Northfield Dr., and turn right at the lights in Conestogo.)

COST:  $3 for entry, which will be put towards prizes, in the form of gift certificates for board games at Rumbletum (we sell games!) We’ll do a random draw (or two if there are enough people).

There will be coffee, soft drinks and some snacks available on a self serve basis for a reasonable cost, (no pressure though, but your support is appreciated)

WHAT TO BRING: Any strategy game (or two) that you own and want to play. Or, just bring yourself, and there will be plenty of games to choose from to join in and play. We’ll have a number of games to play including: Troyes, Merchants and Marauders, Power Grid, Mansions of Madness, 7 Wonders, At the Gates of Loyang, Le Havre, Agricola, Merkator,Stone Age, Tobago, Survive, Zombie State, Pillars of the Earth, Inca Empire,Princes of Florence, Navegador, Airlines: Europe, Cuba, Caylus, and lots more.

A selection of games available for sale at great prices also. Check out the board game page for prices and current stock list.

MORE INFO: There is room for 20-24 people or so, with some various table sizes ranging from largish to smallish. Come early for better table/game selection as this is a first come/first play experience. I never know how many people will show up, but hopefully there won’t be anyone waiting to play games!

Any questions call (519) 664-1820 and ask for Quinn.

Hope to see lots of people playing and having fun!

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  1. How did everything go on July 21?
    I was out on our annual Friends and Games weekend, so I was unable to attend Rumbletum. I hope to be there next time!

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